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The Full Bio

Syntyche Smith (PCC, CPCC) is a Leadership Development Coach and Consultant helping leaders to awaken and amplify their leadership success.​

Over the past decade, she has shared her expertise with a number of organizations, and has supported hundreds of individuals from all walks of life to rise up and meet their potential as leaders, and as human beings.

As a consultant, Syntyche uses a targeted approach to get to the heart of organizational issues, whether focusing on culture, vision and mission, team communication, or productivity and habits for success. She provides concrete, direct solutions and resources to solve problems at their core.

As a coach and facilitator, Syntyche provides an integrative, relational, and holistic experience that focuses on practical tools while also accessing the inner wisdom of each human being.


Her approach is somatic and trauma-informed, and she creates a compassionate, non-judgemental space while combining embodiment techniques, values-based exploration, emotional intelligence, and mindset work to evoke radical transformation in individuals, teams, and organizations.

​With 18+ years of corporate experience across diverse industries - from finance and banking to business administration and real estate, Syntyche has demonstrated expertise and leadership in a range of business environments, from governmental organizations, startups, not-for-profit, and member-based association environments.

Her background spans the sciences and the arts, and she has trained with and is certified by the International Coaching Federation as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach), and the Co-Active Institute as a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach).

Syntyche holds a Bachelor’s Degree (With Distinction) in International Studies with a specialization in International Development – Economic & Environmental Issues, and an Associate Degree in French.

With a focus on leadership mastery, her dream is that each human being awakens to their purpose and potential so that we can all co-create a better world.

Syntyche Smith
Syntyche Smith
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All are welcome here, regardless of race, religion (or non-religion), cultural background, sexuality and/or gender identification. We are all human-ing here on the planet, and everyone deserves to receive support to be the best leader and human that they can be.

Disclaimer: My clients often say that the experience of working with me is completely life-changing - in all aspects of their lives - and sometimes they’ve compared it to “really good therapy.” Yet, in spite of spending many years becoming an expert in the psychology of human transformation, I am not a registered counselor, psychologist, or therapist. Therefore, I am not qualified to diagnose or treat mental illness or dysfunction. Therapeutic counseling often goes hand and hand with coaching. If you find that you need a therapeutic counselor, I have a list of trusted therapists and counselors to who I would happily refer you. 

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