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About Syntyche

Who is this woman?

 I'm a Leadership Development Coach & Consultant helping leaders and aspiring leaders to awaken and amplify their leadership success.​

About a decade ago, I was on a crammed bus, fragrant with armpit and eau-de-summer-heat wave and feeling lost after completing another round of post-secondary education. That was the one pivotal moment among many moments that led me to coaching.

I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, spent some time in France, and now I’m living in Vancouver, Canada, serving clients all around the world. Every once-in-awhile, you’ll hear my Bahamian accent come out.

I come from very humble beginnings, and I know what it’s like to rise to levels of success that I previously had only dreamed of. 

Syntyche Smith
Syntyche Smith

Quick Facts

Syntyche Smith

The what?

As a coach for 10  years, I have supported hundreds of individuals from all walks of life to rise up and meet their potential as leaders and as human beings.

A few years ago, I was named one of the top Canadian Mental Health Bounce Back Coaches based on client feedback and results.

My very first client changed her name, restored her wellbeing, and got thousands of her money back many years after her divorce- all within a few short months of working with me. That was almost 10 years ago, before completing my coach training and certification, many hours of continuing professional development, and a lifetime's worth of therapy, healing, and personal growth.

Over my 18+ years as a professional in the corporate world, I have collected diverse organizational experiences, in governmental organizations, startups, not-for-profit, and member-based association environments. I’ve worked in finance and banking, professional business services, and in the real estate sector. 

My background spans the sciences and the arts, and thanks to my own story of personal growth and transformation, I am able to provide an integrative, relational, and holistic experience that focuses on practical tools while also accessing the inner wisdom of each human being.

I create a compassionate, non-judgemental space and combine embodiment techniques, values-based exploration, emotional intelligence, and mindset work to evoke radical transformation in individuals, teams, and organizations

My why?

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Because a better world starts with a better you
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Because nothing lights me up more than witnessing your transformation
to your inner power and essence to transform your life, work, and leadership from the inside out.
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Because of my ability to be fully present, nonjudgemental and objective with you
and help you to tap into your own inner wisdom to catalyze your own journey of personal transformation is my gift. It’s what I was born to do - to walk with you and help you become the best version of you is my life purpose and it's the way that I do my part to create a better world. There is no other profession or calling that is worthy of my time or effort.
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Because I know firsthand the empowerment that coaching gives you

What I need you to know?

Many lifetimes ago, I was one of the least confident people you would ever meet.

I rarely looked people in the eye and I had social anxiety. I felt helpless, lost and lived like a victim of my life. Coaching the was the gateway to healing my unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs, as well as dissolving the self-destructive habits and behaviours that were sabotaging my success and coaching let to me fundamentally changing who I was.

I need you to know that whatever challenges you are going through, they are insurmountable with the right skills, tools, and support.

And I am here for you!

Syntyche Smith
Syntyche Smith
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  • Your journey to greater empowerment starts today.

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All are welcome here, regardless of race, religion (or non-religion), cultural background, sexuality and/or gender identification. We are all human-ing here on the planet, and everyone deserves to receive support to be the best leader and human that they can be.

Disclaimer: My clients often say that the experience of working with me is completely life-changing - in all aspects of their lives - and sometimes they’ve compared it to “really good therapy.” Yet, in spite of spending many years becoming an expert in the psychology of human transformation, I am not a registered counselor, psychologist, or therapist. Therefore, I am not qualified to diagnose or treat mental illness or dysfunction. Therapeutic counseling often goes hand and hand with coaching. If you find that you need a therapeutic counselor, I have a list of trusted therapists and counselors to who I would happily refer you. 

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